Bad News Bears

Good News: I got my tax papers so I can file my income tax.
Bad News: My student loans are waaaaay in default so idk if I'll get anything back. (Shhhhh.)

Good News: We got a new pastor at our church. He seems nice.
Bad News: The old pastor had to go back to Lakeland. I had grown attached to him. :(

Good News: I ombred my hair again, its a nice red.
Bad News: I hate it. I was really enjoying the dark hair more than I realized. (Siiiiiigh.)

Good News: I did a good job on my bangs.
Bad News: I still have to dye my hair back, I'm worried that the ends will look dead. ( Oooooh well.)

Good News: My hippie jeans fit really well now.
Bad News: I'm not eating junk food or carbs.

Bad News: I really think its time to retire my most favorite purse in the universe.
Good News: I found a new one I like at Target. I'm just waiting for it to go on clearance more.

Good News: I have brilliant blog ideas.
Bad News: I can never get enough time to use my brain for myself to get them done. :(

Good News: Just Dance 2 is like the funnest thing EVAR.
Bad News: I almost had to sell my soul to trade in old games. wtf?

Good News: New Gossip Girl tonight!!!
Bad News: I can't think of anything to go with that! Its allllll good.

Okay, must go work on something else.

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