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Boyfriend was home for a bit this past weekend and he humored me by taking outfit pictures. I'm so appreciative because he gets honest angles. Sunday we were supposed to have a picnic in the park. We wound up eating at this legit sports bar instead and then going to the park. On the walk there we discovered this glorious pink cherry blossomish tree in bloom. It was the perfect background for my polka dot dress. These pictures do not do the tree justice. It is absolutely gorgeous. I really love a good tree. Dead trees, flowering trees, mossy trees. They're beautiful. 

Anyways, I had a stuffed tomato, which is like my favorite meal ever at this place, Smitty's. The Log had a 'hot dog from hell' and boyfriend had some tuna thing that looked tasty. While there, we decided starting Nov. 1 we'll be going on this south beach diet because his dad has lost like a bajillion lbs on it. I'm not so sure why boyfriend wants to do it unless he wants to become emancipated emo skinny, but I do appreciate the support. So wish us luck in the very low carbohydrate conquest. Maybe I can lose my pooch or something. No chocolate will be extremely difficult however. I haven't attempted the low carb stuff in years. It always had good results in the past though...

Dress: TJ Maxx, methinks  Shoes: Thrift  Necklace: You Look Mahvalous (some jewlery store in Fort Myers)

Monday we just hung out and went to Walmart and stuff. I went for the polka dots again. 

Shirt: Target  Skirt: Thrift  Shoes: Walmart?  Necklace: Bealls Outlet  Sunglasses: Walmart

Everyone else wanted to have outfit pictures too!

The log looks pretty creepy in this picture...

Jacket: Target  Shorts: Thrift  Sandals: Payless  Watch: Spongebob  Gun & headphone thingy: No clue  

Yes, he moonlights as a JC Penny's catalog model:
Button up: Target  Undershirt: Gap?  Belt: JCP actually I think. Shorts: Levi's DIY  Shoes: DSW  Pipe: mine
Speaking of polka dots, I have to introduce you to my favorite shoes ever some day.  

Oh, and finally, this is what happens to pumpkins in Florida.
Oh and notice how the back looks fuzzy? It totes is. GROSS! 

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