I Don't Care About Your Band

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Today I want to discuss a book by the hysterically awesome Julie Klausner. It was definitely an 'I-couldn't-put-it-down-for-even-a-second' book. I remember reading the review for it in some random library magazine & was absolutely dying until it came out. Just the title  spoke volumes to me. I have this thing where I like to relate to stuff... I love it when movies or books make me feel normal. Her opinion on giving head really helped me feel better about myself because I always thought I was a total freak or something. Anyways, she's self deprecating (which I can really respect) & so freaking funny. Like pee-your-pants-giggletasm territory. I really recommend this book to all females, especially those who have dated crappy cliched guys with bands,etc. She's so refreshingly honest about it all. DELIGHTFUL! She's a really good voice for our generation and I don't know how to say it... She wrote about this hysterically negative stuff, but still stays optimistic and romantic still. She inspires me to someday write my own memoir, even though I have yet to do much of anything worth mentioning. Also, you all should just go here and read about her awesomeness. I live in a house where classic literature is respected and represented, but I will fight a battle to the death for this particular book to get a place of honor.
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