This is my favorite dress. It had been living in my storage unit for a long time but it's now happy to be back in my wardrobe rotation. It's so fall-ish.  I tried accesorize with the cowboy scarfy thing... Idk what its really called, I have never really liked the look, but figured I should try it on the off chance that it would look good. I still don't like it. Maybe it's better with jeans and a tshirt? If I don't like it that way, I'm giving up. I think I'm too popish to be hipster. Whatevs.  Anyways... I'm dying for a pair of brogues... but my old oxfords will have to do until I can afford them. Blah blah, I was gonna go introspective, but no.

dress: bealls outlet  scarf: thrift  stockings: target  shoes: goodwill, i believe  ring: i don't remember  kid: me
Its so typical I know, but I love love loooove autumn. I've been holding off because I love the indian summer picture on my background here, but I'm really itching to fall it up. I love how the weather has really cooled off. I've been able to totally turn off the a/c and just leave the windows open. I don't die when I'm walking to the library or whatever. I even found a honest-to-God red leaf on the car when I was taking pictures for craigslist. I had to save it, I was so excited.  Everyone in the neighborhood is decorating for Halloween. Its so awesome, I hope they go all out for Christmas too. Logan is so sweet. He knows how things are right now so he thinks he can be a skeleton again this year since his costume still fits. I hope I can figure out something awesome for him & that we can go to the pumpkin patch at the Red Barn or something fun. Sigh. Sigh sigh.

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