My past weekend was pretty alright. My mom and brother came up to visit. She humored me and took me to Super Target since I hadn't been to one in 6+ months. It was barely successful. I did manage to score some brown tights and a really lovely almost mauve colored lace skirt for $4! Its totes gorge. I'm having a hard time styling it though. I'm in such a rut. She brought me the rest of my clothes from storage & I'm stoked because I've lost some weight and they fit again so I get to go shopping in my own closet which is awesome when you are broke, but I keep being all matchy matchy and can't figure out what else to do. I think I need to hit up some thrift stores and get some random accessories and I should be good to go. Oh also, those brogues and that bomber jacket and I would be soooooo set for this season. And maybe some boots, but that's always obvious. 

We also made it down to Bayfront so I could get pics of the statue.

I forgot the stick up for love stickers which really pisses me off, but I'll remember them next time. I need to get those done already... bad Tiffany!

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