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The best thing about BFitUF (Best Friends in the Universe Forever) is that you can go six months to several years without talking to them and when you do they still love you and you still love them. This being said, here is my one and only Tuuuurtle (aka Tim), who I've been friends with since like 1998 or something ridiculous like that.

Yes, this photo is circa um 2000 (take notice of my completely blonde locks yikes!) The lovely lady in the middle, is my grandma. She passed away last year. :(  All other pictures I have of Timothy are horrible for some reason, poor un-photogenic boy. He had an awesome picture of me in some goggles once and I really really wish I had a copy of it because I'm wanting to do this whole mad scientist thing on here and I can't find any legit goggles. I will persevere. Anyways, he lives in Tampa and I'm a couple counties closer now so maybe someday we will hang out, if we ever get our car sitchs worked out, or something like that.

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