This is a long ass semi crazy post of what I've been up to. Read at your own risk.

Okay, it's like 5:30 am. ( I mean, I did post this much later just so you know, buuuuttt I wrote this at 5:30 am) If you know me, you know I do NOT like to be conscious at this hour at all for anything in the world, even mountains of doughnuts (this fatty loves her sugar). But here I sit, type type typing away... and listening to Everclear to block out the worst noise in the universe *I'll get to that*

But first... I took my blog down for a while because I was uncomfortable with what my statcounter was telling me but I guess I got over that and am all like "Pshaw, eat it for serious." But honestly, its been a couple weeks I'm hoping the curiosity has died down. We'll see.

Ummm, I moved back home because. Well, because I did. Its kind of strange to be back. I never lived anywhere else forever and then bam I was gone for like... oh 4 months. I'm so lame. Ugh, I wanted to go into some meh meh meh schpeal, but I'll save it. I can appreciate my hometown more now because of the amount of Targets I have access too but the thrifting has been really bummer bears.  MEH :( Fucking Bradenton has kick ass thrifting. For REALS.

ANYWAYS... I've actually been up for like an hour. I can not shut my brain off. Then Logan started snoring really loudly. Then.... then... THEN I started hearing this awful noise: (I really hope it uploads) and I can not get back to sleep for ANYthing. It's his SECOND alarm clock... the first one was just a dinky clock radio... but this one, this mighty 'for whom the bell tolls' crap has been going off for like 40 minutes now. AND he's sound asleep. I am in dire need of a sledgehammer.

Since I've come home I've come to realize my dad is seriously seriously batshit insanely crazy. Like you can NOT even imagine. You think that 'you dun goofed' guy was kinda bonkers? That dude is nothing. I have really contemplated baker acting him. He's not suicidal so I don't think you can just say 'hey come get this dude, he hides tea bags and hoards cereal and well, pretty much anything to be honest, he also tries to keep his kids from going to school because he didn't want to walk with his brother.' OMG and that is the tame stuff. He's fucked up beyond what you can imagine and I really really really don't like him. I mean I love him because he's my dad, but hot damn,  an almost 50 year old man should NOT be such a fucking trainwreck hot tranny mess. SHUDDER. I really think he's a million times worse than when I was a kid, and that's saying a lot. Sigh. I have this wonderful habit of jumping out of frying pans directly into fires. Oh well, I'll get it figured out. Seriously, I will.

It's good to be back and around my mom and brothers though. I love them so much. Oh and Marley... He's actually helping me write this post right now. Well, when he's not yelling at me to let him outside into the freezing cold rain. Crazy cat.

Since being back I've been on a good track mentally, so I guess that's what matters. My mom's church, holy cow, that place is so amazing. It's tiny tiny, but everyone there is so freaking nice. Like you wouldn't believe. Those people. I can't even explain. You just have to go and see.

She goes to this bible study and they're having a White Elephant Christmas party tomorrow. I don't think I'm going but I was like 'white elephant, white elephant, I know that, what is that?' And then I just remembered that back in the day we had a white elephant thing at OnlineHotels and I had purchased the best gift ever. It was a hermit crab and everyone was fighting over it. Hahaha I gave crabs for Christmas. True story.

Oh another true story in reference to stds... I had this lame boyfriend once and I got him these stuffed like syphillis and herpes and AIDS or something for his birthday. I swear I gave him AIDS... or at least HIV. I don't see it up there anymore... Maybe it was The Clap?
Man, I used to be so fucking awesome. SERIOUSLY.

Maybe I still have it in me somewhere. I want it to come out. Or like... IDK. It's a fine line between being crazy fun and then being a good mom. I guess I feel like I should be mature and serious for Logan's sake but ewww I miss old me. Not that I want to go around giving gag stds for the rest of my life, but I'm so stick up my butt anymore.  I shall ponder this.

I haven't taken any outfit pictures lately. I should be. I wore this one outfit, it was totes awesome. I'll just have to wear it again. Until then, here's a picture of a pretty dress. I love this dress. I've had it for a couple years, but it's so lovely.  I really need to get some Docs so I can totally rock this grunge style... oh with one of those cute printed thermal shirts from target underneath? Sooo perfection!

Feather headband: Target Dress: Target (okay, my Target obsession is seriously disgusting... I should just marry it already)

Okay, this is a long ass post. I think I'll cut it and rearrange. Or not. It's many hours later and I'm still okay with this update.  Whatevaevaevah.

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