Domosapien and then some

This is genius!
ikea hacker
We went to Taco Bell last week and was so stoked when I saw they had Domo toys that I ordered 2 kids meals. The Heath Ledger look-alike cashier dude was nice enough, but I was so very bummed when I discovered a Skelanimal watch in my lunch. :( 

Does anyone know if they really have Domo toys or was this just an old advertisement? I really desperately need to collect all 5. 

It's been cold here lately so I've been wearing this outfit like constantly. 

Cardigan: Target Shirt: ? Jeans: Bealls (I think) Shoes: Payless
I'm so uninspired when I'm goosebumpy. 
I totally fell in love with that cardigan when I saw Elizabeth wear it on her blog and was so stoked when I found it at Target on clearance for like $6. 

I'm kind of bummed that Gossip Girl is on hiatus until like the end of January. I just don't know what to do with myself! 

Here's a cute picture of the Log from this morning with his birthday breakfast pumpkin pop tart (nom!).

I feel I've been posting a lot lately and there's still so much more stuff I want to write about. I have to write my ideas down so I can organize my thoughts and not have stupid jumbled posts. 

I think I'm going to attempt to dye my hair now. The top looks good, but the bottom where I ombred it is looking really brassy. I should probably just get that stuff chopped off. I'm using the mix it yourself stuff from Sally's which I've never done before, so wish me luck! 

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