This past weekend was pretty fun. Cristian turned 17 and we went to a bonfire, then to celebrate Lo's birthday we went to Chuck E Cheese for the first time.

We roasted these giant marshmallows at the bonfire. Have you seen them? They are so HUGE! As big as your head!!! And pretty ingenious. You roast them and eat the toasted layer then roast again. And well, again. They're that big.

My whole family and Ricky showed up for Lo's birthday thing. This is a major deal because my family does not get along. I feel like the buffer a lot. Granted, I'm opposed to my dad's craziness. It's strange. Well, not really, I've always been in between not getting along people. Damn Gemini mutability. Why do I have to capitalize Gemini? That's stupid... Anyways... CEC. Yeah, good times. I have to get the pictures from that. Log wound up getting like 1200 tickets all together so he got 10 centipedes and a spider because he's a freak like that. He said he got them to creep me out. He succeeded.

I've been working on his birthday cake. He wanted Astro Boy so I said okay. I had the brilliant idea to make it blue velvet only I'm a bonehead and it's not turned out so well thus far. I'll post something once it's all said and done. Hopefully end result will be a success.

I've been trying to work on a header for this stupid thing and I hate it so much. MEH. I need to figure something out, but it's late sooooo... later I guess...
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