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I've had a lot of cats in my day. And I mean A LOT. I guess we were borderline hoarders when I was a kid. But we always took care of them. I always have had a soft spot for orange ones for some reason. When I was in high school, there was Rufus. My little Roofie. Heh. I have fond memories of him sleeping on this bookshelf of encyclopedias in my room while I studied for AP English or something.

When I was older I wound up adopting this kitty, Marley, from my boyfriend at the time who couldn't have him in his dorm or something. The details are fuzzy because I have horrible memory about certain things. Anyways, Marley is the best cat in the universe.

mounds of unfolded clothing seem to dominate my life. Folding laundry = worst chore ever!

He was there with me through a lot of stuff. When I first got him, he used to scratch on the furniture really bad so I had to stick these little glue on nail covers over his nails because I would never get him declawed. They really worked and he eventually stopped, but until then, every couple weeks I had to pin him down and give him a bright blue manicure. It's funny, okay?

Then I moved into my first apartment by myself when I was like 7 months pregnant with Logan. It was kind of scary you know, and kind of lonely, but Marley always cuddled with me and made me feel better when I was sad. They say you shouldn't have cats around babies, but Marley was always perfect. I was never worried about Logan at all.

He lives with my parents now because I've been moving a lot and everything is always so disgustingly up in the air. He is quite fond of my brother Kyle now. I'm happy for him, but miss him too.

Onto the point of this. I don't know how I found this guy, but he's on my google reader and I always check it on my phone when I'm internetless and found this on there the other day:

It instantly reminded me of Marley and how that darn cat puked on my Ugg boots that I had coveted forever and searched all over manhattan for when they first became popular and never found, but scored like a year later locally. Anyways, I first got Marley and he ralphed all over them in my closet one day. And yet, I still love him times a million and I have no idea where those boots got to.

Now I really want to take up cross stitching funny things like this.

True story.

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