I suck at blogging. Not like anyone cares, but I've been busy. I have these posts I've been writing to put up but they seem sort of irrelevant now. I wonder if I can back post...

I wound up partially making Logan a Batman costume for Halloween. I was really worried that the whole day would suck for him, but my kid is so awesome. He was uber stoked with his costume and had a blast with the picnic in the park and trick or treating. We wound up being a lot of places first trick or treaters and he got a ton of candy. I had a good time too.  It was the first time I had been trick or treating that I could remember. When I was growing up my dad decided Halloween was a holiday we should not be celebrating so I missed out on that. IDK. I'm torn on the whole thing. I really don't see it as being a devil's holiday. I guess its cause I'm not a hardcore Christian or something. I just feel bad enough for Logan and the stuff he has to deal with regularly, I really don't want him missing out on anything he doesn't have to miss out on.
yeah I know the mask sucks, but I couldn't do the whole head one and just making a bat with eye holes is too Bat Girl

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