30 days of me purge

Okay, this 30 days of me has taken entirely too long so I'm just going to dump the rest to get it over with.  Sigh.
Day 15- First 10 songs on shuffle from your iPod.
I can't afford an iPod and I don't like this question.

Day 16- another picture of yourself

This is a picture from like day 3 at Bonnaroo last year? Yeah, 2009 I think. Anyways, nice funky mess. I hate no showers. I've kinda been missing short hair, thats why I posted it.

Day 17- someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

I'm going to say no one. My life is far from perfect, but it gets better every day and I realize that in spite of the inperfections, I am incredibly lucky and blessed. My son may be a part time demon (not really, he just tends to throw really bad tantrums) but he's incredibly healthy and sweet and puts up with a lot of unfortunate crap and is still as happy as the day is long. Also, he laughs like a dinosaur and that's really funny. My bf is really brilliant. He supports my dreams and tries very hard to make me happy which is quite the challenge at times. I'm so lucky to always have my family there for me when things go to shit and I've also been blessed with wonderful people who care about Logan and I who aren't even family. Yeah, I could say I want to be rich and famous, but I don't... Granted, winning a lottery or that $1,000,000 from McDonalds would be a massive help. Can I say I want to be me, but with money?

Day 18- plans/dreams/goals you have
How much time do you have? I have my 43 things and a whole book of them that I haven't put up in a while.

Day 19- nicknames you have and why you have them
Holy geez. I'll go with the Saltwatertiffy. I've had that since like 2003 maybe? This guy and his dad were trying to think up punny names for me and that one stuck. It fits 'cause I'm from Florida and all... I think I already wrote about this, right? There's Tiffy Tots too, thats circa 2005 maybe? IDK. It stuck and I've had it on my name tags at like the bookstore and pharmacy. Bf calls me lots of flower names, but we don't have any official nicknames for each other. I mean, I call him dick alot, but you know... it's cause his name is Richard and sometimes its necessary. On How I Met Your Mother tonight, Lily and Marshall are Lilypad and Marshmallow and we really need to figure out names like that for each other 'cause its so freaking cute.

Day 20- someone you see yourself marrying or being with in the future
Isn't it obvi?

Day 21- a picture of something that makes you happy
Holy crap. That could be like a million things.

Day 22- what makes you different from everyone else
UHM. Plenty of stuff. I don't like this question too much.

Day 23- something you crave for a lot
chocolate (doi)

Day 24- a letter to your parents
Dear Mom & Dad,
Thanks for doing the best you knew how to do.  I hope you guys can get yourselves figured out and I'm sorry.

Day 25- what I would find in your bag

change at the bottom, glow sticks, 10 different lip ointments, broken pens, my notebook, a corn cob pipe, tons of sharpies, trident gum, old purell wipes from chick-fil-a, random girl stuff, keys, hello kitty silly band, barrettes, hair cutting scissors, hello kitty bandaids, owl ring, care bear from logan... lots of crap.  

Day 26- what do you think about your friends
Meh, haven't we been here enough?

Day 27- why are you doing this 30 day challenge
Needed inspiration.

Day 28- a picture of you from last year and now, how have you changed since then?

A helluva lot of stuff. I don't even want to address half of it. I'm past it. Mostly.

Day 29- in this past month, what have you learned
After the 1st day I was happy to remember that I'm not as crappy as I think I am.  I kind of have been stuck in this funk that I suck and it was good to think back at all the good stuff I've done etc.

Day 30- you favorite song
I can't decide that! Are you crazy?

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