We went down to Sarasota the other day. I should have taken more pictures.

 At least I got this lovely picture of a Segway tour.

Oh and some legit outfit pics. I guess.
Everyone really liked this outfit. It was kind of not so typical of me, so it was interesting that both old ladies at the thrift store said I looked cute and some weird guy at the bus station had to tell BF he liked my outfit. Maybe I'm being ridiculous in thinking I'm too old to dress like I used to or have pink hair or anything. I've been thinking about this lately. I think I'll write another post on it.  

 Sweater: Target  Tank: Target  Necklace: Handmade  Shorts: Vintage Express  Tights: Target  Boots: Target (omg I'm a Target whore... just think, I'm totes hoping to get a job there...)

I made home made biscuits and they actually turned out fluffy. I was so proud, I had to take a picture. My 1940's Better Homes & Gardens cookbook totally pwns my mom's from the 70's. Ha! Baking powder is where it's at. 

Logan found this sticker the other day and now he has to wear it on his hoodie all the time. Awww.

I've been doing recon missions at thrift stores and am really itching to jump in feet first to my online store. My mom is being a voice of reason and explaining that I really need to research before I get in over my head. I just keep finding so much incredibly awesome stuff, but I really have absolutely no capital nor business plan. Deeeeeetails. SIGH.

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Small world story: I was talking to my grandma yesterday. I had sent her some pictures I've taken since we've been here and one of them was of Log and I at that Kissing the War Goodbye statue. She told me that her last husband, the love of her life, had actually been on the same boat as that sailor forever immortalized in that picture. Hrm. I'm really bad at telling stories. It sounded way better when I was talking to her/ in my head. Whatevs, kinda cool, huh?

When were were in SRQ there was this shell statue downtown that I totally saw as being a Birth of Venus type deal, but my hair isn't anywhere near long enough. Plus I stupidly put my hands in the 'I have to pee' position, so I had to mspaint them the right way.

I'm averaging one thing crossed off my list a week. I wish it was more, but at least I'm making some forward motion. 
 Next week: I have to pick a school for Logan. I'm nervous. This is the first time he's been in like school. It's just VPK but... I've always been fortunate to have family around to watch him. Or that stint with a babysitter, that wasn't so good. We'll see how it goes. 

Final note: I have a lot of navy blue dresses and a few red dresses. What color tights should I wear with them? 

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