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i'm attempting daily post things.  
i'm being generic because i was thinking of being random and not using alliteration or doing like 'tunes tuesday' but tunes is a really stupid word and alliteration is awesome and i remember i had this kick ass teacher in high school (mr. riddle) and he was appalled at how stupid his ap english class was so he made us this list of terms you should know in english and that was one of them and i will always remember those words until the end of time.  sadly i can not remember the name of said list, but it had a really good name.  so if any of you douche bags from high school stumbles upon my humble little blog, please remind me and i'll give you a cookie.  or cupcake because they are so hot right now, right?  why are cupcakes trending?  seriously.  everyone realizes, even babies, who don't know anything at all, that miniature cakes with frosting and sprinkles are the knees of the bees.  it does not need to be shoved in our faces, like omg these tasty morsels are so new and completely fetch!

another option i was considering for monday was mustaches.  i don't think anyone else appreciates facial hair as much as me though.  so maybe i'll do a mini mustache monday post later and that will be the end of it.  
holy stream of consciousness!  sorry, sometimes i roll like that.  
anyways, onto my post.

i haven't been listening to a lot of music lately.  i decided i should tonight and man what a difference!  i mean tiffany without music and a listless vegetable, seriously.  tiffany with music is like tiffany on crack.  fun times man.  sort of.  i mean it's just me and my music, nothing too crazy, but i am pretty upbeat and dancing by myself.  

there are several concerts coming up this fall that i would die to go to.  i probably won't be able to see them all because i would need to win the lottery or something but how great would that be?
i think i'll just post some youtube song videos, maybe a couple music videos.  i'm sorry in advance.  

10/7 buckhead theater
gogol bordello
you probably will think this band is weird, but whatevs.  i think they are amazeballs, give them a chance!
best line:  "your shopping techniques are amazing"

10/12 jannus landings
vw makes me so happy i can barely contain myself.  
i think i have my dress for this concert already.

jake gyllenhaal is funny in this video.  and that jonas brother... which one is he?  loves it.  ps only ezra koenig can rock the white trainers with black pants and i won't tell him he looks like jerry seinfeld.  

10/13 the social
ted leo, i love you so much.  we share initials and your band is the pharmacists!  sadly, i probably won't be seeing you because i just saw you last year.  you still have a special place in my heart.  

who? well it's easy to see/ ooh we could dance to be free/ ooh to that 2-tone beat/  but it looks like it's gone gone gone!  

11/16  jannus landing
better than ezra
hi, i'm a huuuuuuge better than ezra fan.  i know they're total pussy rock but i really dig it.  i've seen them a bunch of times, but not in like 5 years now.  idk what else to say, you know you like them.  
haha, i've been watching house all weekend, and this is a beautiful song: 
he's way better off with cuddy though.  
meh, i didn't feel like searching through all the videos for a better song.  

11/18 variety playhouse (i think...somewhere in atlanta)
omg epic.  
nick cave is amazing.  i prefer the bad seeds, but grinderman kicks total ass.  it's a joke, but this video is my life.  seriously, this will blow your freaking mind dude:

sorry, those last few, "the embedding was disabled by request"
holy crap, this got to be a long post.  sorry again!  
so that was my music monday, i promise next time it won't be so long!
i think i'll put this in the queue and see how that works...

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