if you want to destroy my sweater...

ugh, i can't sleep.  

looks like all signs are pointing to bradenton.  good enough.  i hope one of these places kicks ass.  i mean, obvi i can make wherever i live kick ass, but it'd be nice if that was clear from the get go.  it's really cool that the mcat and scat bus systems interconnect.  i can't wait to be on the bus and take a picture and be like "booyah riding the scat bitches!!!"  or something like that because that's totes how i roll.  lol.omg.  

i also can't wait to go see that damn kissing statue up close.  that's one of my all time favorite pictures.  me and every other girl in the world, i know, but whatevs.  i need to get a copy of that again.  

google images

i'm also obsessed with this dish rack for the new place.  it's so freaking cute i won't even feel bad that i only like to wash dishes and never put them away!

hmmm... oh, i really want to find those one chairs again.  i should dig out the old blog about them and post it here... maybe someone knows where they are...  oh and that fucking table.  you know which one i'm talking about.  granted, it's a specific type of table and doesn't go just anywhere.  but it would rule all to get a classy retro table then.  

idk what else, we'll just have to see...

boo is always hatin' on the images i put up so does this one pass?  :p

oh hey, does anyone know anything about softphones or sipgate or anything?  this comp has windows 7 so the sipgate phone doesn't work on it, but i downloaded this 3cx or something and i don't know how to configure it for the life of me, i'm really quite the computer dummy... so anyone???

i signed my brother and i up for this project sketchbook thing.  it seems pretty neat.  at the very least it will look good on the ol resume.  i picked dirigibles and submersibles for him (i don't even know what a dirigible is though) and great hopes and massive failures for me (that's sooooo how i roll).  i hope people don't totally hate my awkwardly unique drawing style.  lol.  i'm sure cris's will make up for mine.  

i really need to put some thought into this blog and get it on track instead of just babbling incoherently.  i promise guys, i'll get organized soon and it will be a blog you can be proud to say you follow, k?  k!  

i wanted to write about something else, but i'll save it so it can have an entry all by itself, instead of getting jumbled in with 3am nonsense.  

i found the blue album on my itunes.  i so forgot about how good it is, since weezer is so...not... right now.  rivers cuomo, couldn't you learn anything from george costanza?  

hold this thread as i walk away...

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  1. the top of my head?! lol...you hate my face lol

  2. um obvi there are 2 faces that come before ezra koenig's... wouldn't you think yours would be one of them? :)