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last week, my mom and brother came to georgia for vacation.  it was pretty fun.  

one of the days, my mom, grandma, and i had a girls day in lyons and went antiquing and to this amazing house/restaurant deal called entertaining angels.  if you are ever in the area, you absolutely must go.  it is one of the most wonderful experiences you could ever have. 
basically, this family has a beautiful old restored house that they have opened up to serve lunch during the week.  the dad and son are your waiter and host and the mom cooks.  these people are the sweetest people you could ever encounter, bible.  they are so warm and friendly and all make a point to talk with their guests.  i've never been any place like this before.  
the food is to die for.  there is a different theme every month and the menu corresponds with the theme.  i took pictures of the food, it was that good.  actually that's a lie, tiffy's a hungry fatty who ate her salad before taking a picture so i reenacted it with google images.  anyways, july's theme was independence day so they were all red white and blue with blueberries and watermelon and such... well you can see the menu on the site... i can't wait to see what they are doing for august, i absolutely have to go back.  oh and get some of that balsamic vinaigrette,  it was delish!  and made with a blush wine or something so it gave me a little buzz, lol.  

okay so i am a total picture editing goob.  i don't know anything about photoshop and i actually go into mspaint a lot to edit my pictures.  i think it's quirky and fun and i really pwn at it.  you should see some of my stuff on photobucket.  anyways... i'm a total google whore anymore so i downloaded the picasa thing and it's really fun!  i built a collage with the pictures i took that day and it was insanely easy... to think i've actually cut and pasted that shit in mspaint... never again!  and warning, i'll probably be using the collage function a lot now.  

anyways... loves it!

what's your favorite unique restaurant?
do you have trouble spelling restaurant like me???


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  1. you just made me really freaking hungry! Looking hot in that dress btw...:)