i speak parata

*warning:  this might not make sense.  i have a way of doing things like that*

i used to be a pharmacy technician at a chain drugstore.  it was pretty insane, but i really enjoyed it.  unfortunately, they decided to sort of outsource in the state of florida so i got laid off, but that's how it goes.  i'll get into that later.  i'll probably go back to it some day, because when you're in the thick of it, it's really fun and i miss it.

anyways, what i want to talk about is insurance.  my poor grandma has been on the phone trying to figure out why her damn insurance was cancelled for the past hour and a half.  i really don't understand why insurance companies have to make things so difficult for old people.  it's hard enough for mentally efficient individuals to understand health insurance, but old people are really easily confused and they all have insurance, so it really needs to be less complicated or customer service needs to be better.  i hate how crappy the economy is and how understaffed everywhere is anymore.  when you have a problem, its such a nightmare to get to the final solution because there's like 3 people trying to handle all the problems in the world and it's impossible to stay on top of everything.  and then there are those that pass the buck.  i hate that!  it's so exasperating because the person you pass it too generally doesn't have a clue.  i really truly want to start some sort of customer service/ problem solving company of superheros who go around and get involved with problems at the beginning and stick with it until the end solution.  pipe dream, i know, but i think it could cure the economy or something.
i'll get off my soap box now.
i was going to go onto a car insurance rant, but i'll save that for later.

when i first read this it really amused me.
mmm chocolate covered vicodin
they should have picked a less tasty candy though.
my old store should have filled the roxi bottles with smarties or something.

thats all for now.

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  1. I actually really enjoy the idea of outscourcing complicated customer service issues to specialists in that area, it helps everyone out and most importantly it gets the real problems solved...now if only there were something like that for each of our own individual problems, lol.